TC Web Design’s Website Design Philosophy Usability – The Most Important Design Idea! Usability is one of the most important aspects of Web design. What’s the point of having a beautiful looking dynamic web site if it takes a long time to download or is difficult to navigate? Users want to find the information they are looking for quickly. If they don’t find it quickly, they will look elsewhere.

buy discounted oem adobe photoshop cs6 9 The user ultimately holds the power on the Internet. They go where they want to go and at any time. This means that the only way to be successful as a Web designer is by designing for the users. Make the sites easy to use and focus on supplying the exact information and services the users want.

enter site Usability is a combination of many different factors all of which affect the user’s experience. Some of these factors include:

  • Navigation – Navigation is the most important aspect of a Website. It helps users find their way around.
  • Page structure – Put the most important information at the top. Pages should not scroll horizontally.
  • Writing content – Time is of the essence to most people using the Internet, so users don’t want to read reams of text on-line. It is also harder to read from a computer screen than it is from paper.
  • Simplicity – This is the key. If the site is easy to use users will stay there.
  • Accessibility – The key to the power of the Internet is its accessibility to everyone, regardless of browser, platform, operating system, plug-in or disability.
  • Consistency – Keep fonts, colors links and style consistent.
  • Graphics – Use sparingly because they will add to download time.
  • New technology – Avoid using technology that has been around less than two years and avoid creating a site where users have to download software to view it .
  • Frames – Avoid  using frames because they can be hard to maintain, destroy URL locations for users and make it hard for search engines to spider.